Fortnitemight update regularly, but Epic Games still packs plenty of surprises within expected patches. This week sees the introduction of a rare item that is poised to shake up conventional playing methods even further away from “just build, lol.”

Rifts have been populating the island since the start of the season, but until now, they’ve only appeared at fixed locations. As of patch version 5.30, players can now find a “Rift-to-go” epic-level item that acts as a mobile teleportation device. Once in hand, players shake the snow globe-like object and are catapulted high into the sky where they can dispatch an umbrella to break the fall. Rift-to-gos can be popped in the middle of the air, and once deployed, the rift lingers for 10 seconds so other players can also hop inside. Theoretically, this item will provide players with more evasive and offensive maneuvers that are capable of providing quick exits, higher ground, or more pathways toward the enemy.

Elsewhere, the Risky Reels location has been updated so players can watch the footage of the player who won Epic Game’s contest, where fans were tasked with creating a film withinFortnite. Reportedly, however, players who stop and watch the movie are getting killed by jerks who really want that Victory Royale, which is not a new occurrence for the game. Fortunately, you can just watch the film online:

There is also a bizarre number of tomato-related changes. The Tomato Town area is now a temple. (The giant head at the center has an unexplained crown.) You can watch YouTuber HollowPoiint’s walkthrough of the locale here:

It seems like Epic Games is trying to build a spooky vibe with the Tomatohead skin, which has been updated to have its own special challenges. Normally this would be nothing more than a small but notable detail — only Battle Pass costumes have challenges associated with them — but what’s interesting here is the accompanying disturbing lore.

Human sacrifice? What in the world isFortnitebuilding this season up to?

On the sillier side of things, Redditor /Flqmingg discovered that you can now also thank the bus driver who shepherds you into the match. Sure, the driver is probably just fast-forwarding you to some impending doom, but they’re just doing their job, you know? Being polite is important.

More seriously,Fortnitenow rewards players with a special Boogiedown emote after they two-factor secure their accounts. Given how oftenFortniteaccounts are stolen, two-factoring is a thing every player should do anyway.

You can read the rest ofFortnite’s patch notes here.


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