Destiny 2’s next big Forsaken expansion launches on September 4th, and one of its big additions is a new Gambit mode. It’s a mixture of the game’s player-versus-environment and player-vs-player modes, and the combination sees players battle enemies in two separate zones with the ability for one player from each team to teleport into a rival’s zone and cause carnage. It’s one of most highly anticipated parts ofDestiny 2 Forsaken, and now fans will be able to play it a little earlier than expected.

Bungie is allowing allDestiny 2players to access Gambit for one day only on September 1st (from 1PM ET / 10AM PT), ahead of the Forsaken release on September 4th. While fans have been able to try it at both E3 and Gamescom, this opens the mode up to everyDestiny 2player for 24 hours. It’s also a clever way of tempting players to preorder Forsaken ahead of its release, and get players excited aboutDestinyonce again.

alienated the loyal player base. Forsaken is a chance to correct some of the changes made toDestiny 2, and the new Gambit mode is a fun addition. I got a chance to play it a few times at Gamescom this week, and it feels like it fits intoDestiny 2’s vast universe rather well. It’s fast-paced enough to attract those who thrive on PvP, and team-based enough for PvE fans.

If you’re one of the manyDestiny 2fans that have moved on to other games in recent months, Gambit and Forsaken in general are shaping up to add significant changes that may reinvigorateDestiny 2. September is a busy month for video games, but Forsaken might be enough to temptDestiny 2players back. You can playDestiny 2’s new Gambit mode on September 1st.


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