Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang went full influencer on the debate stage Thursday night.

In his opening remarks, Yang announced that he would be giving away $120,000 through the course of the next year as part of a pilot program for his campaign’s key policy plan: universal basic income, or what he refers to as the “Freedom Dividend.”

on a number of YouTube shows and popular podcasts he rose to prominence.Yang’s campaign website and enter your name, email, and zip code on the site’s landing page. Just like how giveaways are a growth hack for creators, Yang’s giveaway is a growth hack for his email list.

By signing up for his mailing list, you enter to win, yes. But Yang will also be able to send you newsletters and other campaign information. It keeps him in your head, theoretically.

But the giveaway does come with a few rules. By entering to win, Yang’s team receives your full “permission to use, royalty-free, the name, hometown, and photographs” of you and your family for their campaign materials. The campaign could also do a background check on those who enter and disqualify people at their discretion. I guess they have influencers beat there.


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