There are lots of smart gadgets that track running, but few track swimming — that is, if you’d like something that’s built for swimming first, as opposed to a device with swim-tracking features tacked on. Form, a new fitness company founded by former Recon Instruments employees, is looking to solve this problem with its first product, the $199 Swim Goggles.

With this device, Form has tried to marry a Google Glass-style AR heads-up display with Fitbit-style tracking, specifically and exclusively for swimming. The result is surprisingly useful, although it’s better suited for truly serious swimmers.

Form Swim Goggles

Verge Score 7out of 10

Good Stuff

  • Great at swim tracking
  • AR display is genuinely useful
  • Keeps water out of your eyes

Bad Stuff

  • Pricey
  • Limited to only swim tracking
  • Really only meant for serious swimmers
Buy for $199.00from Form Swim

The augmented reality aspect of the goggles, while seemingly over-the-top at first, actually makes a lot of sense. There are numerous fitness trackers that can track swimming, including category heavyweights like the Apple Watch or Fitbit’s newer smartwatches. But according to Form CEO Dan Eisenhardt, they all have the same problem: wrist trackers are bad for swimming because you need to use your arms to swim. It’s almost glaringly obvious in retrospect, like putting a fitness tracker for running around your ankle.

the Fitbit Charge 3 last year, I noted that it could only display time and heart rate on the device, with the rest stuck in the app. Recent Apple Watches can do more, but the Form goggles beat both of those product lines. The goggles can show different metrics for different points. For example, it can display stroke count during a lap, lap time when you make a turn, how long you’ve been resting, and how many calories you’ve burned when you pause. Those options have to be set in the app before you go, so if you haven’t added a particular metric to show up, you won’t be able to access it out on the water.

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